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Reading Instruction Specialist
Proven, Effective Method * We don't tutor. We teach reading skills!
Every child can learn to read. Our results are dramatic.  Most students gain two or more years in reading ability in only 30 to 60 hours, often after repeated failures with other methods.
  • Private one-on-one instruction
  • Small group class option
  • Patient, caring Reading Instruction Specialist
  • ESL students welcome
Excellent reading skills provide the foundation for future academic success.  Our course is an investment in your child’s future.  Parents of our students consider it money well spent. 
Reading Instruction
Language Arts
Free Reading Assessment
Our initial assessment and consultation are always free. Call 919-967-7516 today to schedule an assessment.
Study Skills
Students learn to focus and improve study skills by regular practice to build habits for life-long learning.
Reading Instruction
Phonics-based method based on 44 sounds of English. One on One instruction. Small group classes

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