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Tracy suffers from a learning disability. She was in tenth grade, but due to dyslexia she was reading at a third grade level. Her family was concerned that she might not even finish high school. They wanted her to graduate and if possible go on to community college. Tracy had been a special education student since early elementary school, and the methods used to teach her didn’t result in reading proficiency.

dscn3816After only three months in the Academic Associates course, Tracy was reading and remembering words she couldn’t even begin to read before. After six months, she took a standardized test at school that confirmed she had was able to read at the sixth grade level. The school asked her mother how she had suddenly made such a leap in her ability.
Tracy came from far behind. She was even able to read her biology text book and pass the course. Her marvelous brain learned to compensate for her disabilities.

Hundreds of learning disabled students have learned to read with our course. We could love to help you or your child, too. Contact us to find out how.
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