young boy readingSome blame the teachers when students fail, while others blame the home environment of failing readers. Assigning blame, however, will not help anyone to learn to read. In fact, struggling readers come from every type of home background.  Rudolf Flesch, the author of Why Johnny Can’t Read, noticed that one of his sons was unable to learn to read, even though his parents and siblings were avid readers and  their home was filled with books.

In another case, twin sisters attended a Montessori school, where one girl easily learned to read proficiently while her twin sister did not.

So the ease or difficulty of learning to read does not depend on the educational level of the parents or the home environment. It is rather related to the method that is used to teach reading in the school. Only about 75% of students are reading proficiently by the fourth grade in most American school systems today.

In recent years a trend of mandated proficiency tests given at the beginning and end of the school year has increased pressure on both students and teachers to demonstrate proficiency. Unfortunately, more testing does little to improve reading skills. It can lead to teaching that ensures that  most students are “passing a test” rather than learning necessary skills for decoding and comprehension.

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