Read just because you’ll be amazing
reading adventures

“The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” –Dr. Seuss In 1950s, the Dick and Jane books were the most widely used curriculum for teaching reading by the sight method. Although widely effective, the books were known for their boring, plodding style. To […]

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Why do I hate ping-pong?

For the same reason so many children hate school! I was never any good at ping-pong. I lose every time. It’s the same for students who can’t read– they hate school. They’re resist going because it’s hard.  It’s no fun; they just don’t catch on. Then if they have to leave their homeroom and go […]

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Finding a solution for your child’s reading problem
struggling reader

Shopping for a bad idea? How about postponing a solution  for your child’s reading problem? The longer you wait, the bigger the problem grows. Students who read well do better in school because a solid reading foundation makes every subject easier. We all procrastinate at times. But waiting to see if your child catches up […]

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To get her GED, Mom of six learning to read

Berthe M wanted to complete a GED, but there was one small hitch; she was not able to read. So Berthe enrolled in our course as a scholarship student. We are pleased that she has now completed our course. Five years ago Berthe came to North Carolina with her six children as refugees from Chad, […]

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US Literacy Rate Continues to Lag

Why is our literacy rate so low? According to a recent study the US literacy rate has not improved over the past ten years. There are still far too many adults who are functionally illiterate. In my local community, an estimated 10 percent of white students read below grade level, while Latino and African American […]

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Another reading success story

 The Academic Associates Reading Course makes a difference in the lives of students of all ages. Here is one student who achieved academic success in high school as he improved his decoding skills.  This student, who is from another state, completed the same course offered here. Thousands of students have gained confidence as they achieved […]

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Why can’t learning to read be easier?
school girl daydreaming

For many persons, learning to read isn’t easy.  For a variety of reasons, English is a confusing language to learn for many of us. While the language has only 44 sounds, those sounds make up over a million words. On the written page, the sounds are represented by letters of the alphabet, which are put […]

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How a girl with dyslexia learned to like reading
girl reading outside

“My 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia.  She rebelled against reading because it was such a struggle for her. Other therapies did not produce any noticeable improvement in her reading ability. With Academic Associates, there was immediate improvement.  Suddenly she wanted to read everything! Less than halfway through the course, she has already been promoted […]

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