Dyslexia most common learning disability
school girl daydreaming

Dyslexia is the most common learning disability, and 80% of students who have a diagnosed learning disability have dyslexia.  Boys are more likely to be dyslexic than girls, according to a resource from the University of Michigan. Dyslexia is a complex language problem. It is not a vision problem, but rather has to do with […]

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How a girl with dyslexia learned to like reading
girl reading outside

“My 7-year-old daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia.  She rebelled against reading because it was such a struggle for her. Other therapies did not produce any noticeable improvement in her reading ability. With Academic Associates, there was immediate improvement.  Suddenly she wanted to read everything! Less than halfway through the course, she has already been promoted […]

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Getting by or gaining ground?
struggling reader

Not all poor readers are young, because children who struggle with reading generally will continue to lag behind their peers with each passing year. Poor reading skills are not something that one outgrows. Nor do poor readers suddenly catch up, at least without intervention. That’s why I’ve had students of all ages, from kindergarten to […]

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What about speed reading?

I’m not sure why speed reading would be considered a reading improvement strategy. I have second and third grade problem readers who speed merrily down a page, making errors, skipping words or entire lines.  When I ask them to slow down they say they are trying to keep up their pace or that the teacher […]

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