Poor readers lag behind their peers
boy reading

Poor readers lag behind their peers in elementary school. Leading educators agree that those students who can’t read well by third-grade will continue to struggle in all subject areas. They will remain behind their peers. Unless an intervention is made, they will be unable to catch up. They will be at risk of being severely […]

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Healthy diet boosts children’s reading skills
healthy diet

Does a nutritious diet improve children’s reading skills? Finnish research says yes. This isn’t a total surprise, actually. But it turns out that there is a link between children’s nutrition and their reading ability.  It’s fairly well known that good nutrition, besides being important to overall health and growth, is essential to development of the […]

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Why do I hate ping-pong?

For the same reason so many children hate school! I was never any good at ping-pong. I lose every time. It’s the same for students who can’t read– they hate school. They’re resist going because it’s hard.  It’s no fun; they just don’t catch on. Then if they have to leave their homeroom and go […]

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Why do children rebel against school?
school girl daydreaming

If children rebel against school, parents need to pay attention. There could be various reasons why they dislike school.  Parents need to discuss the situation with their child to determine the cause. There may be an issue with other children who are harassing or bullying the child. If this is the cause, parents should report […]

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