To get her GED, Mom of six learning to read

Berthe M wanted to complete a GED, but there was one small hitch; she was not able to read. So Berthe enrolled in our course as a scholarship student. We are pleased that she has now completed our course. Five years ago Berthe came to North Carolina with her six children as refugees from Chad, […]

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US Literacy Rate Continues to Lag

Why is our literacy rate so low? According to a recent study the US literacy rate has not improved over the past ten years. There are still far too many adults who are functionally illiterate. In my local community, an estimated 10 percent of white students read below grade level, while Latino and African American […]

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Illiteracy is an invisible problem

Shedding light on the illiteracy problem at the local level in my community, a while back I picked up a brochure in a local library that was put out by the area literacy council. It reported the following statistics:* 15,000 adults have less than a 9th grade education 32,000 adults do not speak English as […]

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