FAQ – Parents’ Comments

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tutoring?

Academic Associates® is not tutoring. It is a reading course based on the 44 sounds of English.  Students learn phonics and decoding skills. All students will read 300 words in the first lesson. After the fourth unit, we spend half of the session reading books. As their reading skills advance, students improve their spelling, writing and study skills as well.

My child needs help with reading comprehension.  Will this help him?

Absolutely. Because the ability to recognize words builds vocabulary and increases fluency, reading comprehension improves as well.

What age students do you serve?

Students of all ages have completed the course. Our instruction is effective for students from pre-K through college.

My daughter is dyslexic. Can the course help her?

Academic Associates is beneficial for students with a variety of reading problems including dyslexia, ADHD, delayed speech or other issues.

What about ESL?

Yes, ESL students can benefit, and ESL students of any age are welcome.

Are scholarships available?

Either a full or partial scholarship is available on a sliding scale.

 How do we get started?

Call 919-967-7516 to make an appointment for a free assessment.

 Our course is an investment in your child’s future.  Parents of our students consider it money well spent.  Consider the lifelong cost to your child of poor academic performance or even failure.  Students who either do not complete high school, or who graduate with inadequate reading skills face a bleak future.

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 Parents’ Comments

“Deborah is patient and did a wonderful job teaching and inspiring my daughter to be a better reader.”– Phil H.

“Thank you for teaching me to read.”– Berthe M.

“Our 18 year-old son couldn’t read well. During the Academic Associates course, he went from a ninth-grade reading level to college level…and now makes all A’s and B’s in college.”

“You were our last hope. The school just keeps passing him, but he can’t read. Your program is the only thing that has helped my son.”

“I noticed right away he got his self confidence back.”

“He’s learned more here than in all his elementary years.”

“Her reading teacher told us, ‘she cannot learn to read.'”

“We’ve been looking everywhere for something like this. Our son is in the 8th grade, but he can’t read. The school just kept passing him on.”

Effectiveness of Program

Melissa, age 7, gr. 2, gained 4 grade levels (pre 1st -4th) in 46 hours.

Kyle, age 12, home-schooled, gained 6 yrs (2nd -7th) in 66 hours.

Rob, age 9, gr. 4, gained 3 grade levels (2nd to 5th) in 64 hours.

Jake, age 7, gr. 1, gained 4 years (pre-K to 3rd) in 100 hours.

Arden, age 8, gr. 3, gained 3+ years (K to gr.3.5) in 72 hours.