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Our program is a fantastic breakthrough in reading instruction.

cliff ponder
Cliff Ponder (1932-2016), Founder of Academic Associates Reading Program

“It is extremely satisfying to know that so many students have been saved from a lifetime of failure and frustration because of this simple, yet effective method of teaching reading, which any one can be trained to use.”
– Cliff Ponder

Academic Associates reading instruction is so successful because it is:

  1. An actual step-by-step method of teaching reading, like building a pyramid one block at a time.
  2. Scientifically structured. It is based on the brain’s own neural architecture.
  3. Carefully layered. Each small step builds on all previous steps. Students show improvement from the very first lesson.

Learning to read is a simple process.

The Academic Associates Reading Course is a phonetic program based linguistically on the 44 sounds we use in English. There are 13 lessons and each one focuses on decoding rules. A lesson takes as long as a student needs to be able to retain and apply those rules.

Instead of trying to memorize words, students will be empowered to read thousands and thousands of words. Using the Academic Associates Reading Program non-readers can be reading 300 words in just two hours. That’s powerful!

We never use flash cards. (promotes memorizing) We never use objects, colors or physical movements to represent sounds. (too much unnecessary information) We never use pictures in teaching. (promotes guessing)

The process of decoding words as naturally as possible established the foundation for all the other steps in reading, e.g., fluency, comprehension and vocabulary development.

Our method doesn’t cure learning disabilities, but it helps the brain to learn to use undamaged areas that bypass the defective areas. Instead of teaching to a student’s strength and building those up as some philosophies endorse, AA addresses head on, a student’s weak areas and builds those weak areas up. The Academic Associates Reading Program complies with current research.

Ebook: How the Brain Processes Reading  by Cliff Ponder

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